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Poster Presentation Preparation Information

This page provides information for people who are presenting posters at the DOE Hydrogen Program 2021 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting (AMR).

See a general overview of the review process (applicable to reviewed posters).

Creating Your Poster Presentation

As a poster presenter, you are required to create the following files.

  • A PowerPoint file. This file must be created in PowerPoint following the instructions, format, and guidelines referenced in the applicable presentation template. Content requirements have been slightly modified from the 2020 AMR template, so please take note of the changes.

    Download the applicable presentation template for your project (please follow the template unless instructed otherwise in your invitation letter):

  • An Adobe PDF file of your PowerPoint presentation. Once your PowerPoint presentation is complete, you must follow the instructions and guidelines within the poster presentation template to create this file. Review your PDF file to confirm that all content from your PowerPoint file was completely captured within the PDF during conversion. The PDF including the Reviewer-Only slides will be made available to reviewers in PeerNet if applicable. A PDF version without PowerPoint animations, videos, or Reviewer-Only slides will be available for attendees at the meeting and posted on the Hydrogen Program website after the meeting.

For reviewed posters, presenters are required to also submit a recording of your approved presentation that will be made available to assigned reviewers and Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office staff. ORAU will be available to assist you with making the recording (see the Submitting Your Presentation section for more information).

Name your poster presentation files using the name provided to you in your original notification email: (proj#)_(PI last name)_2021_p.

Do not include any information that is proprietary or confidential in your presentation. Make sure any material used from subcontractors and project partners meets this criterion. If copyrighted material is included, it must be used with permission and attributed properly. Please submit the written copyright permission along with the poster presentation.

Submitting Your Poster Presentation

Submit your presentation to ORAU by April 12, 2021.

To submit your presentation, send an email with the following items to

  • Your PowerPoint presentation file
  • The Adobe PDF file of your PowerPoint presentation
  • Information as to whether your presentation was created using a Mac or PC
  • Information about any PDF content/conversion issues that you can't resolve on your own.

If your presentation files are too large to submit through email, request an alternative delivery option by sending an email to ORAU at

ORAU will review your presentation after it is submitted and will contact you if changes are needed. If you plan to include review cycles with the DOE manager overseeing your project, please make sure those review cycles are completed before submitting the presentation to ORAU.

Reviewed posters only: Once your presentation has been approved by ORAU, you will receive an email from ORAU with a link where you can make an appointment with ORAU to record your approved presentation. Alternatively, you may create and submit your own recording. Information for submitting your own recording will be provided in a separate communication. Recordings will be due on May 14, 2021.

Please note that updated presentations will not be accepted during the AMR.

Schedule Overview

Poster presentations are not assigned a specific date or time at the 2021 AMR; the PDF versions will be available for on-demand access by AMR attendees and reviewers during the meeting. The agenda page provides the time and date for oral presentations.

At the Review Meeting

For reviewed posters: presenters should make themselves available for Q&A from reviewers during the meeting; ORAU will notify you about the specific plans for accomplishing reviewer Q&A.

After the Review Meeting

Presentations will be posted on the Hydrogen Program website a few weeks after the AMR and linked from the past meetings page. For posters that are reviewed, a report containing the results of the review will be published on the website approximately three to four months following the AMR. When the presentations and report are available, they will be advertised on the website.