Poster Presentation Preparation Information

This page provides information for people who are presenting posters at the 2018 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting (AMR).

Creating Your Poster

Your poster presentation must be created in PowerPoint using the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program poster presentation instructions. Please also submit a PDF of the slides.

Do not include any information that is proprietary or confidential in your poster. Make sure any material used from subcontractors and project partners meet this criterion. If copyrighted material is included, it must be used with permission and attributed properly. Please submit the written copyright permission along with the poster presentation. Poster presentations will be posted on the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program website a few weeks after the review and linked from the past meetings page.

See a general overview of the review process.

Preparation Instructions

Create your poster in PowerPoint using the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program poster presentation instructions:

Reminder: please name your poster presentation file using the name provided to you in your original notification email:
(proj#)_(PI last name)_2018_p.

It is recommended you print your poster on letter-size paper for hanging on your assigned poster board. Each poster board is eight feet wide and four feet tall with a felt surface that accepts push pins or Velcro. Push pins will be provided for your convenience. If you prefer, you may create a large, one-sheet poster for presentation at the meeting; however, you must still submit your poster in PDF and PowerPoint slide formats according to the presentation instructions. The slides version will be used for the meeting proceedings, which will be provided to reviewers before the AMR, made available on electronic media at the meeting, and posted after the meeting on the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program website.

Submitting Your Poster

Submit your poster presentation by April 17, 2018. The lead time is needed so that electronic media with all the presentations can be prepared for distribution at the meeting and so that reviewers will have sufficient time to review your presentation prior to the meeting.

Submit your presentation by accessing the online presentation submission system and providing the requested information for your presentation.

If your poster is too large to submit, request an alternative delivery option by sending an email to ORAU at

Schedule Overview

Presenters will be notified via email with the times and dates of their poster presentations. In addition, the agenda page provides the time and date for each presentation.

At the Review Meeting

Further information will be provided to you as the meeting approaches regarding the timing for putting up your poster. Push pins will be provided. You must be available during the official time of your poster session to answer questions about your poster. Please remove your poster after the poster session. Unclaimed posters will be discarded.

After the Review Meeting

All the presentations will be posted on the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program website a few weeks following the AMR. For posters that are reviewed, a report containing the results of the review will be published on the website approximately three to four months following the AMR. When the presentations and report are available, they will be advertised on the website.