Information for Presenters

The 2017 Annual Merit Review and Peer Evaluation Meeting (AMR) will have oral and poster presentations. Find presentation preparation information for:

All oral and poster presenters can find their presentation date and time in the agenda.

After the meeting, presentations and posters will be available for the public in the meeting proceedings, which will be linked from the past meetings page.

What's New in 2017

The content requirements for the oral and poster presentations at the AMR have not changed since the 2016 meeting. However, please note the following changes for the 2017 meeting, which are further described in the presentation instructions (see the oral presenter preparation information and poster presenter preparation information pages for more info):

  • All presenters must register and pay the registration fee.
  • Presentations are due April 10, 2017, to (for projects funded by the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program) or (for projects funded by the Vehicle Technologies Office).
  • Please indicate if the presentation was developed on a Mac or PC platform.
  • Insert original images for clarity.
  • Include any changes to title or presenter in the submission email.
  • Add a statement to all slides with future-looking statements, "Any proposed future work is subject to change based on funding levels."

Get more information about the review process here.